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Journal of Building Design and Environment is an interdisciplinary, international journal. Taking ecological architectural design as its entry point, the journal combines the fields of architectural engineering, architectural aesthetics, sustainable development and urban planning, aiming to provide an open-access academic platform for experts and scholars in the field, publish high-quality academic content and promote the exchange and development of the architectural design field.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Building Design and Environment is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to provide an open-access platform for researchers and experts in the field to publish high-quality academic content and share their findings and ideas and promote the development of Construction Engineering, Environment and Architectural Aesthetics.

Subject areas include but are not limited to:

Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 

Building and Structural Design

Construction Materials

Built Environment

Construction Engineering and Management

Computer Aided-Design and Simulation

Energy and Buildings

Sustainable Development

Urban Planning and Resilience

Architectural Aesthetics and Townscape

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