The elimination of smallpox by vaccine opened the immunology world. Since then, immunlogy and virology have made tremendous progress by influencing both. The most recent pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak, has highlighted the need for the complementary roles of virology and immunology. The journal describes the new discoveries coming from the interaction of these two rapidly advancing fields as follows;

  1. CTL response against virus
  2. Production of cytokine, chemokine, and matricellular proteins in virus infection
  3. Ab production. Neutralizing antibody, Antibody-dependent enhancement.
  4. Mechanisms of persistent infection (HTLV, HIV, Herpes virus, etc) and  immune escape.
  5. Immune deficiency, immunological abnormality, cytokine storm tumorigenesis, caused by virus
  6. Vaccine development, Immunotherapy against virus infection.
  7. Biomarkers, immune diagnosis of Disaster or tropical infectious diseases (dengue, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever,  etc) and Zoonotic infection (Influenza, ebola, COVID-19, etc.)
  8. Molecular biological analysis of immune interaction between immunity and virus.
  9. Infection and immunity for virus and other important pathogens.

Xiao-Lian Zhang

Department of Immunology, Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Sciences, Wuhan, China

Toshio Hattori

Research Institute of Health and Welfare, Kibi International University, Japan

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