Virus and Immunity-Virology is a science with the smallest acellular biological viruses on the earth as the research object. As a kind of biological factor in the earth's biosphere, human's understanding of the essence of virus and its life law has also gone through a century. Virology has achieved great development and has become an important branch in the field of life sciences. The content of virology research involves all aspects of life activities such as the type, composition, structure, metabolism, growth and reproduction, heredity, evolution and distribution of viruses, as well as the relationship between viruses and other organisms and the environment. Immunology is a branch discipline that studies the composition and function of the immune system of organisms and the basic immune mechanism of related diseases, develops effective immunological measures, and achieves the purpose of preventing and treating diseases. It is a subject with rapid development in recent years. The research contents includes the basic principles of the immune system; the structure, interaction and functional domain organization compatibility of antigens and antibodies; T cell regulation, immune tolerance, immune genetics, complement, allergy and immune insufficiency, etc.

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