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Vol 6 No 1 (2024)

  • Pore Engineering Enables MOFs to Capture Trace Benzene Vapor

    Rui-Biao Lin, Xiao-Ming Chen, Yingguang Li

  • Structural Modification of Partially Ni-substituted MnHCF Cathode Material for Aqueous Zn-ion Batteries

    Mariam Maisuradze, Min Li, Mattia Gaboardi, Giuliana Aquilanti, Jasper Rikkert Plaisier, Marco Giorgetti

    The initial capacity fading and electrochemical profile modification of the nickel substituted manganese hexacyanoferrate cathode material in aqueous zinc-ion batteries was investigated. The outcome of the electrochemical tests suggested the structural transformation of the material; therefore, further characterization has been performed with the synchrotron-based x-ray absorption spectroscopy and powder x-ray diffraction. Indeed, the alteration of the structure was evident with both techniques. The dissolution of Mn and Ni was observed, alongside with the substitution of Mn with Zn. Furthermore, a new Zn-containing phase formation, and the modification of Mn species were demonstrated.

  • Between the Electrodes of a Supercapacitor: An Update on Electrolytes

    Rudolf Holze

    Performance, in particular power capabilities and stability of the supercapacitor critically depend on the electrolyte: the ionically conducting phase between the electrodes of a supercapacitor. This review provides an overview with particular attention to possible practical perspectives and promising developments. It addresses all studied or suggested electrolyte systems, mentions relevant properties and highlights details possibly important for practical use or posing likely problems.